4-5 kg Fat Loss


(WITHOUT ANY Gym.. Crash Diet.. Exercise.. Supplements.. Fluff.. etc..)

(WITHOUT ANY Gym.. Crash Diet.. Exercise.. Supplements.. Fluff.. etc..)

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NOW Lose 4-5 kg/ Month till the hottest dream shape of your life.. Not for 1 month.. Not a year.. BUT for the rest of your Life!!

What is ENIA Framework? Is it Sustainable to lose 4-5 kg per month?

What is ENIA Framework?
Is it Sustainable to lose 4-5 kg per month?

I’ll show you in a minute how this ENIA Framework transformed more than 1000+ Overweight fellows (including me) into a healthy & happy creature.. (WITHOUT Gym or any Dieting)

But before I show you how I discovered ENIA Framework & how it works..

There has to be a difference between a diet and the way you eat, right?

Strict diets sooner or later make you feel worse.. And so due to frustration you crave everything more – fries, chocolates, drinks and what not.. right?

Worse? Even if you lose a few kilos.. Once you go back to Normal routine, you’ll gain it back again (Like Vikram-Betaal)

So from now onwards, don't look for a band-aid anymore..

  • Diets act like band-aids.
  • Extreme exercises are band-aids.
  • Supplements/Fat burners are band-aids.
  • Skipping meals is a band-aid.

See weight loss does not need to feel like a punishment. (most people still do)

AND so I have cracked this sustainable weight loss code from my own journey (you’ll not find it anywhere).. 


From Subhashish Mishra (Health Coach)
Bangalore, India

Dear friend,

I was no different than you (probably worse).. My body weight surged as high as 90 kg in the year 2018

AND just like You.. I was mocked by my colleague, friends & family members which made me depressed.. and so I avoided social events in my life 

THEN before my marriage.. I tried Gym.. tried crash dieting.. Fat burners.. supplements.. (nothing really worked) 

Fast forward.. after my marriage.. due to Excess Fat I had to go through an emergency Operation

AND.. just after the horrible Operation doctor WARNED me about something.. I was shocked!!

According to several reports.. “When parents are Obese, their children have an 80% RISK of obesity”

My wife said.. Subhashish Obesity is not just how you look, but also the health risk like heart disease, diabetes, high BP and certain cancers (I don’t want this to happen to my child.. she said with full of tears)

THAT Day.. I promised her that I’ll transform myself no matter what happens

Long story short.. after many trial & errors.. reading books, weight loss programs.. spending lots of my income.. FINALLY I cracked the Weight Loss code (that took me from 90 kg to 65 kg)

It helped me not just in 25 kg weight loss but also in maintaining it since past 3+ years

I gave this code to my wife after Post-Delivery and she started to shed off extra weight.. Then I gave this framework to my close friend & he lost 10 kg of weight in just 2 months.. Fast forward..

ENIA Framework has transformed more than 1000+ fellows (like you) into healthy & happy creatures..

How you asked..? ENIA Framework helps you to adapt an eating lifestyle that is flexible to your life 

See.. everyone’s body is different, genes are different, work routine are different.. And so should be the eating lifestyle.. so do what works the best for you (and I’ll show you EXACTLY inside the call)

Now today I have made my promise possible through ENIA Framework and you can see here.. me, my wife & kid are all fit & living a sustainable happy life.

BEFORE I show you the details of ENIA Consultation Call and how it will help you Lose 4-5 Kg every month.. 

Here’s what our students have to say..

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Here’s what our students have to say..

ENIA Framework of
Weight Loss

ENIA Framework of Weight Loss

E- Energy

✅ Disturbance in energy balance causes change in body weight & leads to high % of Body Fat. (FIX Before it’s Too Late..)

✅ As per National Library of Medicine “When energy intake > expenditure it causes weight gain, with 60–80% attributed to body fat

✅ This is also the reason why you feel lazy, stressed out and how to use the Energy Method to take Full control of it.

N- Nutrition

✅ ONE Nutrient that holds utmost importance for weight loss. It is a macronutrient (assist peak performance)

✅ This ONE Mistake is causing you to store more Fat in your Body and how you can FIX this from Day 1 (using Nutrition Method)

✅ SECRET of Eating your favorite delicious food & still make the body not store that nasty FAT (yes.. no more regret)

I- Interval

✅ BIGGEST Mistake People make while Weight Loss & how this affects not just weight but also your mood, stress & sleep (Fuel Method)

✅ Do you have a bad habit of Over-Eating & Cravings? JUST Fixing this Interval Method will help you feel more satisfied & happy

✅ I’ll show you how you can transform your weightloss journey into a sustainable one, so you don’t gain the weight back again (using Interval Method)

A- Absorption

✅ No matter how much or how little you eat. THIS Absorption Method improves metabolism so that your body doesn’t store Fat

✅ SECRET Weight Loss Drink that removes Toxin from your body. Hint: You already have this with you (I’ll Reveal on the Call)

✅ If Absorption Method is not in place, you’ll face digestion issue which further leads to Hair Loss & Back Pain

Personalized Diet Plan Clarity

Let’s be honest.. Most of the diet plans available in the market are restrictive, sound unreal and impossible to follow with daily lifestyle..

Which Finally leaves us unsatisfied with ZERO or Small Results right?

For the 1st Time you’ll get to EXPERIENCE how a Personalized Diet Plan will help you to lose weight (without forcing yourself)

We’ll together co-create your health goals through Diet Plan Clarity so you’ll know how to make your Fat Loss journey Successful (in just few months)

NOW what do you think worth for such a Consultation Call? (with a person who himself transformed from a 90 kg overweight to 65 kg)

Not just that, we have helped more than 1000+ amazing people all across the globe to get in their dream body shape (using ENIA Framework)

How much will you pay for this? 7000? 5000? (Not even close)

Here’s the Best Value for your call with me…

For Only 499/-

Wait.. Subhashish why are you giving your valuable Consultation Call at such an affordable price?

Yes because I genuinely want you to understand the Real Truth behind Weight Loss. I have seen how companies make you fool with their false products (I have faced this myself)

I want you to go from Fat, Dull, Stressed & Complaining person to… Slim, Fit, Happy & Energetic soul

I know how painful it is to be stuck hence I want to bring a revolution in Weight Loss.. through sustainable Life-changing transformation (using ENIA)


We have people from various background who are using this Same ENIA in their Weight Loss to lose 4-5 kg/month!

Bonus #1 - Food Calorie Chart

Total Value: 1500/-

How many times have you searched on Google for Calorie comparison ?

How many times have you been fooled by the advertisement ?

Well.. we don’t promote Calorie Counting as it makes things complicated, but to know the true Calories in the food you eat is essential..

I understand this, because I have gone through all the pain you’re facing. So as a Bonus I’ll give you Calorie Chart of Indian Vegetables, fruits, Cereals, Grain legumes, Spices, Nuts, Eggs, Fish & Meat.. everything in one place

Get This For FREE When You Book Your Call Of 'ENIA Framework' Today!

Bonus #2 - 10 Easy Salad Recipe

Total Value: 1500/-

SALAD is one of the Secret ingredient behind most Bollywood celebrities to sports athletes during Weight Loss

These Salad not only help you lose your FAT but also helps in anti-aging which further leads to brighter & younger skin

But how to change the boring Salad into a delicious one?

Well, here’s a Bonus “10 Easy Salad Recipe” that is must for a sustainable Weight Loss (FREE for first 500 People)

Get This For FREE When You Book Your Call Of 'ENIA Framework' Today!

And in case, if you skip to the end. Here’s the irresistible Limited Offer for you..

Total Value: ₹7000/-

For Only ₹499/-

If you’re still here.. What are you waiting for?

If you’re pondering whether to go ahead or not, let me ask you this..

How much have you paid for your last Zomato Order? 

How much have you paid for Doctors & medical bills?

AND.. Finally How much have you paid for your Stress, Sleep, Back-pain, digestion issue, lack of confidence & all the discomforts in between?

Well.. someone told me long ago “If you think Good Health & Wellness is Expensive, then try Illness” So Book the call now Before it’s TOO LATE!!


AND as I’m so confident about the TRANSFORMATION you’ll be making after executing the ENIA Steps, that if it doesn’t.. I’ll instantly give you the MONEY BACK (100% GUARANTEE)

..AND look, I’ve only 27 slots left for the FREE Bonus “Calorie chart & Salad Recipe”..

So act Now, Beat the race & Secure your CALL BELOW!!

Time Is Of The Essence...

This Is A LIMITED OFFER At This Price.

Subhashish Mishra

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